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Our Black and White Photo Galleries from Yesteryear

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Seattle's Pike Place Market

ManGlassessharpen10b-3c7RED5X3.JPG (59623 bytes)

Street Stuff

ManInTavernWindowrotatesharpen10c5RED4.5X3.JPG (54885 bytes)

Street Stuff 2

HappySeatedCouple,rotate,shapren10RED5X3.8.JPG (78070 bytes)

Seattle Center At Night

CN3SellTickets.JPG (39426 bytes)

Friends and Others 

GirlwithBaby_spottedsharpen10b15c5.JPG (175039 bytes)

Nude or Naked?

Pictures We Love, too!
(By Artists We Justly Admire)

Freud_Girl_With_White_Dog.jpg (145274 bytes).
Lucien Freud. "Woman With Dog"

Joni Mitchell, "Self-Portrait as Vincent Van Gogh"

Alden Mason, "Abstraction"







 Some New Pieces from Our Virtual Art Gallery

Some Favorites from a Year Ago

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Pictures We Just Love!

Self-Portrait, Morris Graves, c.1937

Portrait of a Young Morris Graves by Kenneth Callahan

Kenneth Callahan, "Two Crows"

Georgia O'Keeffe, "Poppies"

As_Far_As_The_Eye_Can_See_5X12_1100.jpg (42358 bytes)
Ed Kamuda, "As Far As The Eye Can See," 

Michael Ornstein, "Woman With Red Hat" 

Palomalg, by Angelo Franco


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